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Jessica Simpson's Signature fragrance: Review

September 18, 2014

This fragrance was done in collaboration with Parlux and perfumer Marypierre Julien and released in August of this year. It is thusly stated that,

There is something about this fragrance that takes me to another place. It is exciting, sophisticated and much more mature.

Jessica Simpson

The aroma is divine. The initial spritz, smells of a light powder. This quickly evolves into a slightly floral essence, combined with a massive sense of other non-discernible fragrances. Other sources state that this is comprised of citruses, clementine, nectarine, pomegranate and apricot and that the heart of the essence involves night blooming jasmine, orange blossom and Tiger Lily and while do are not able to pick all of these aromas out, what we can affirmatively state is that the perfume is the bomb!

Sillage is light. On a one to five basis, we would put this at a one. It's not strong. This is okay with us. It forces others to get close to pick it up, rather than punching others in the face with it.

Longevity is good too. We hit the pump a couple of times yesterday and it still smells fragrant today. It's not as strong. But, it's still there.

Signature is available at many online and physical stores, to include Macy's and Ulta.